Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To those souls of days gone by...

I do not damn thee, there is no contempt. I've come to realize humans love to make reason and patterns where there may not be any at all to explain what they don't have the answers to. I think that assumption is a tool off a fool and if you think that "if they know me soooooooooooooooooo well they should be able to figure out bla bla bla" you're a moron/ you're most likely female and got brainwashed by some commercials and too many television dramas.  I'm a firm believer in truth not being infallible... that we experience things in such a limited way that my point of view may never be seen by others in their prospective bubbles... I encourage... implore you to step outside your normal social circles. If you can't do it in person do it online. I think it's the best way to form personal truth.

Why are people so drawn to things that appear to make them inherently, sometimes unconsciously upset, miserable. Complain about it one moment and revel in it the next. People stalk suspected enemies as to keep them closer... as if to be fighting some war that they are the only one's partaking in.

Why do so many need the approval of their peers? This is not to say that I think that's entirely ridiculous. We're a tribal ppl... we all want to belong some where right? At the same time there are tiers of importance in ones life... If certain folks don't mesh well, why not just move on?

Why hate anyone at all? Over  name calling? Cause she is simply a bitch or whatever label one applies to the fold to explain a real or imagined rejection.

You doing the same thing someone else does that you don't like, oh well they're just copying you? You don't care about what that person has to say yet you brought them up w/out provocation, You're so content in life yet others names, issues, situations roll out of your mouth and that judgemental pendulum swings back and forth perpetually.... and for what? As if you are the end all be all in what's right and wrong... never taking into consideration that your fourthand information is more than likely distorted...

I hope for a world where people aren't always putting up a front/mask... where that isn't needed. Where girls aren't so afraid of being called sluts that they can actually admit to liking sex. Girls w/ low self esteem would stop trying to tear down others or put so much value into the tiniest bit of half ass attention from any cock anywhere! Where guys can admit their true feelings. Game playing, manipulation, lies would end on both sides of the dating/friendship spectrum. That females can be friends w/out having that mentality of "Imma keep them around so I can watch them and back bite later"

An honest world... when folks will wake up and realize we're all one human race full of potential, loving, the ability to soar the skies... not just fear and loathing, hurt...

guess that starts w/ me

(Image by somerset holmes)

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