Sunday, January 30, 2011

Considering taking up smoking pot as a hobby

As sad as that may sound. Ok maybe not an actual hobby but I have weighed the benefits and shear disadvantages I've noticed thus far.

Le Good stuffs!@#$

It does make one relaxed. Happier, silly, more comfortable and is excellent at dealing with menstrual cramps and the worst of migraines. Pretty much the best pain killer I've ever used. I do suffer from joint pain. It would probably help my insomnia. Most nights I don't get a full sleep though this could be that I'm not comfortable where I'm staying. When I'm in hotels or elsewhere I sleep perfectly fine. I have had police and random cam whore-ree-ons bust into my room w/out fucking knocking which always makes me a bit annoyed while here. There are no locks on the doors :-/  It'd help may appetite. I hardly feel like eating when I'm at home for some reason.

Le set backs!@#$

It makes me lazy. I'm already lazy when it comes to shit I'm not looking forward to. This would ultimately give me a "don't give a fuck" attitude. I'd want to eat more but there wouldn't be shit to eat anyway. I don't have no fucking money. I got a can full of corn w/ no can opener and some raisin bran... this is not good munchy food. Even if I did go out and buy a full months worth of food chances are some whore would eat my fucking food anyway. Recreation wise... it'd only work for hanging out watching movies, really dumb movies... I'd hate to watch some of my favorites high. I doubt the emotional impact would be there. Dancing (one of my fav things to do badly) would be out of the question. I've tried this a few times and I've always felt like meh and noticed even more of what ppl were doing around me. In that case I would've fared better not smoking/eating weird shit at all. There's a good chance that what little wit I've retained from angsty teen years would be swallowed up. I'm not sure if I would be saddened at that point, guess I wouldn't care cause I'd be too dumb to realize how dumb I've become. Even so... at this point this would disappoint me.

(ugh someone just got downstairs... I really hate high pitched voices :-/   )

I guess it's about that time I start to prepare for my star trekkie day... My continuing mission to round up the masses to watch star trek w/ me... go to conventions (I've never been to one and I sooooo wanna go). Not move much and enjoy my day away from this synthetic brothel.... though it's rather nice at the moment (save that one high pitched annoying voice from downstairs. I wish the walls weren't so thin). Get give some love to my Neo Geo emulator... I haven't played twinkle star sprites in weeks... so fucking fun!! *nerdgasm*

(I still can't pass area 2 in mario paint after all these years... fucking weak sauce)

End Transmission

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