Friday, January 14, 2011

Hungry Hoes... *sigh*

I finally got into work work work mode (okay  I was thrown into work work mode b/c a homeless unicorn is no unicorn at all... been there and it's not fun. I thought of the process, demeaning ... carrying heavy ass shit for half a mile. Everyone avoiding eye contact w/ you b/c the homeless aren't human beings.) At any rate the criterion for me to stay here is simply work 25 hours. I've been slacking off. I won't do that any further since I'm now keeping track of my hours myself.

Well what I really wanna talk about has nothing to do w/ that. Fuck man I'm tired of getting "home" (kinda bothers me to call this my home but it is where I lay my head... at least I get to sleep naked I guess) and find that some wack hoe has eaten random bits of my food. This has been going on for months now. There was a gap where I didn't really notice food missing. IE: milk is untouched, peanut butter jelly seems to not be the cup of tea for this food stealer person.

What pisses me off the most is I scrape up food w/ what little money I do have. OBVIOUSLY I don't have much considering I stay here. Who would choose to stay in a synthetic whore brothel? (Actually the idea didn't bother me much until being here. Since many of the girls work irregular hours it can be noisy at random times. The walls are uber thin. No windows, gets stuffy. It's REALLY loud when that one couple that works here randomly comes in but they semi amuse me. "I love when you fuck me, oh no not my ass but YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!!"  I haven't seen them in a while though... nice folk they are) Many of these grenades (shit I watch too much jersey shore) make more money than me. Now I don't know if this is fully because I've been lazy lately.... and haven't kept steady hours from week to week/day to day or cause some how fat old ppl are more attractive than I am or if that really comes into play considering how much the web cam doesn't pick up on all the fucked up shit in these bitches faces (even so bodies are wrecked... bla).... still they shouldn't be eating my fucking food!

I've rarely fed bitches I'm actually fucking, WHY THE FUCK WOULD I WANNA FEED HOES I HAVE NO CARE IN THE WORLD ABOUT!

I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to start locking food up in the lockers in the back or buying only items I can horde in my room... this shit is really the fucking wackest of the weak sauces...

(btw that painting is by pendalune on deviant art... )


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