Monday, January 24, 2011

Book on love addiction

So I'm finally at the part that has a list of general characteristics of an addictive relationship. I thought I'd share them with you as most people  know have some form of relationship issues be it romantic or platonic... I'm about to get to the in depth part but I don't wanna type in the whole book/I think that is illegal yes.

  • often feeling consumed
  • having difficulty defining ego boundaries
  • exhibiting sadomasochism
  • having difficulty letting go (oh I'm very guilty of that one)
  • fear risk, change, and the unknown
  • experience little individual growth
  • having difficulty experiencing true intimacy
  • plays psychological games 
  • give to get something back
  • attempt to change others
  • need others to feel complete
  • seek solutions outside the self
  • demand and expect unconditional love
  • refuse or abuse commitment
  • look to others for affirmation and worth
  • fear abandonment when routinely separated (yeah that's def me also)
  • re-create familiar, negative feelings
  • desire, yet fear, closeness (I'm probably shades of this too at least when it comes to women)
  • attempt to "fix" others' feelings
  • play power games
So I'm about to get into the in depth descriptions of these... The book is called "Is it Love or Is It Addiction? and it's by Brenda Schaeffer

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