Tuesday, January 25, 2011

As a child

Our feelings gave clues to what we wanted, needed, our desires. It's our own job now as  adults to make sure they're communicated clearly. I know I'm guilty of not always being clear about personal boundaries and neglectful of my own needs for others but I will do my best to fix this.

I've noticed others as well as myself saying things like.... "he should have known this" "Well you've known me all THESE YEARS how could you not know?" sure we can guess at things a good deal of the time but if you really want your desires to be met it's your job to make sure you're clear about what is is that you want, intentions... etc.

So many relationships, love wise, family and friendships suffer b/c ppl refuse to take responsibility in the communication process. I'm aware of this now so hopefully this will help me to keep my eyes open.

(this drawing  by Irene Roga... she can be found on deviantart.com )

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