Monday, January 17, 2011

A Black Man Day

In honor of this... uh day where I won't get my shitty paycheck b/c of some fucker that  I appreciate what you did but why do folks feel like they don't have to work on this day keeping me in more of a perpetual state of broke-ass-ness. (I would be very surprised if I got my paycheck on time today... *sigh* and I kinda need to. I GOT PLANS FOR YOU POCKET CHANGE!) My train of thought, is gone. I probably shouldn't attempt to write when I am this hungry :( At any rate random things about black men which may branch out to black folks and then black mamba b/c my brain works like a meth addicts and connects things that shouldn't be... which means phsycadellic drugs would be either really awesome for me or I'd see Eddie (the iron maiden mascot) making eggs and pancakes which would freak me the fuck out... (sorry no more tangents I promise sorta ahhhhh!)

*After careful thought from a mind whose memory capacity is pretty shit-o-riffic... I've dated about 2 black guys in my lifetime... banged 3. After more careful thought I realize that neither dating period counts cause one only came about cause he asked nicely and took 3 tries to beat me in tekken 3 and thus I felt obligated/he got creepy after a week and I dumped him. The second never really acknowledged that we were "dating" ermmm "fucking" ermmmmm dragged me along on a big dick monkey ride. In all instances I wonder what was the inital interest. With many of my white cocks it took a lot longer for that mask to break down... save the being dragged along monkey dick ride which is odd as I don't really care for giant donkey dick. It's not fun in the bj arena and mostly it hurts my vagoo... I can say I've had more fun w/ 3 inches than w/ 11...

*3 black men.... all cocky which one would think is a mask that would SOME DAY fade into oblivion. "this is us getting to know the real deeper layers, this will pass yes?" NOPE perhaps there were never layers to begin w/

*2 shared the same name sake and I'm still not sure which experience was worst. I love psychotic men who call at odd hours taking shit personal and yelling about some OLD SHIT. So old to the point that you don't even remember saying it. People really have to learn how to use library voices and not brood over trial trivia bla

* I never saw where 2 of them lived

*They all had giant cocks save one. None of them were really on my menial intelligence level. Perhaps I'm wrong and they were highly intelligent sentient beings. So much in fact that I couldn't even detect such?

*They all ended on notes that each time I've further been repulsed by black men

*The most aggressive men and abusive I've experienced. Welp fuck it no more dating inner city whore ass niggas who all wanna be a pimp. Who talk as if you are obligated to answer. "we got a black president why you talking to that WHITE MAN" Uh.... he's a photographer, I'm not even fucking him but now I probably should cause if you are the only alternative I'd rather bang old fat white men who know when to shut the fuck up!

*Ok not ALL are bad... some are friends of mine and have been nothing but gentlemen funny awesome like...ish

*Black women get hella pissed when seeing a "brotha" w/ a non niggerish pussola and each time I ask myself.... is this even some one you'd give a chance, he seems a bit white washed to me...or nerdy or generally things that these bitches wouldn't be interested in. I've found that most folks date for the most shallow reasons and that's probably why they can't fathom what a black man could possibly have in common w/ anything but a black chick. Ya know every race smokes weed.... so stop fucking hating cause the real issue is NO ONE WANTS YOUR ASS K... :D

*ugh too many black men don't respect that you're in a relationship and will be aggressive and relentless in hitting on you. It's these times where I want a license to kill or at least enough MP to summon Odin

Well this negativity has gone on long enough! In conclusion I'm racist against  black men I guess cause, um, damn this was not evenly spaced out on the positive negative trait bar that I placed in my subconscious. I think if there was a special website for ball busting CBT shit specifically for black men I'd be all for that shit... never really kicked a dude in the nuts hard... think that's the only time I wouldn't care. Alright I stop myself before I go off into another rant. Oh shit I just lost 50% of the 2 readers who read this shit, and all my twitter followers, better act fast...

Oh Ariel Alexus... you've shown me the beauty in the black.......................................bllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

end transmission

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