Friday, January 21, 2011

This is the Ranting

How the fuck does one "act black"? I don't understand that demand. It seems like everything related to black culture is attributed to being low class, ghetto or loving being fucking ignorant. This abhorrent sense of entitlement because of a struggle that went on long ago. Instead of standing up and fixing the problems of one's area let's have a  "I stand alone" attitude and attack one another. Complain about issues but never having a solution.

Let's complain about how others are "racist" before there's even any proof of such. Perhaps that man is staring at you not because you're black but b/c you're being loud and obnoxious. Because you're talking about personal sexual things at level 10 volume in a quiet place that no one cares to hear. God forbid someone tell YOU what to do cause you're black and can't NO BODY TELL YOU SHIT. I guess that's because you are indeed the shit but do you have this attitude to hide the true shame that you feel deep down? If you were really proud of being "black" why wear make up that makes you lighter, straight hair and talk shit about those who have their hair natural because OBVIOUSLY they cannot afford a relaxer and thus you are better. Feels good being up on that high horse doesn't it.

With all the world always being wrong you all is right in your universe. Never stopping to take a look at why people react the way they do to your arrogance. Why people react the way they do to anything? Why you feel the need to buy into all this superficial bullshit? You think lil wayne is the greatest fucking lyricist of all time... I assure you he is not. Most of that shit isn't even cohesive from sentence to sentence let alone a full verse... (Immortal Technique, Cunning Linguists, Nas, hell even Jay Z at times... but fucking Lil wayne is garbage.)

Do you even realize how many fucking genre's of music black people have created and abandoned? Oh of course not... let's not learn of the history that you so proudly proclaim... wtf are you proud of then? WHY ARE YOU TAKING PRIDE IN RACE? That's just as irritating as the clan member proclaiming racial superiority to me. We're all fucking human... It sickens me that race still plays so much of a role in how one is initially perceived

And because of dumb NIGGAS I will always have ridiculous hurdles to climb b/c unlike them I actually travel outside of my 10 blocks and like to learn about all kinds of ppl. I think if more folks did that we'd find that we have more in common than differences.

We all eat sleep shit fart fuck... we do need one another as much as we don't want to admit it... and at the same time not as much as we think (IE: romantic love: oh I can't live w/out you... losing oneself in it and being devastated at it's loss... you can too live alone but we long for a connection to be part of something but that thing is a part... you can be whole w/out it.)

Remember kids- Fix yourself before you go fixing the world!

End Transmission


  1. Well said. Gotta like beauty when capped off with brains and vision.