Thursday, January 20, 2011

dat aint herr hairz!!

I'm newly aligned with the dark side... the fake hair, weaves, wigs, kanekalon are now allies. No this isn't cause I'm bald or "chicken headed" or some other stupid label inbreds give to folks with short hair. (I've found that some girls can pull it off and still look feminine and beautiful and often stick out more than the girl whose hiding an average face behind a head full of hair)  In all honesty it's easier to deal with at times (in the case of wigs and braid hair) cause I hate doing my hair on a daily basis. The amount of versatility it offers is also appealing.

Another thing folks in the ghetto never express is that pretty much everyone wears fucking weaves. That shit was not made for yo black ass! celebs... I'm pretty sure nicolas cage is sporting some lace front wig cause why else would his hair line change all the damn time? lol

I never really had a problem with fake hair but know that just as make up doesn't enhance a fucked up canvas putting pretty hair on a duck isn't going to make it a swan...

Having hair or lack there of doesn't make the person... a truly attractive person can be w/ no hair... covered in dog poop eating road kill "jessica white" is such a person. I'd kill my mother and uncles for that girl (ok I'd probably do that for no reason at all but a blog for another day)

Other News... I had a shoot yesterday and I'm very excited to see how the pics turn out!!!!!$!$!$^*!^$ I'll post some when I get them.

Thinking of new group activities for next month... perhaps karaoke night should be reloaded yes?

<3 <3 scott church

End Transmission

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