Sunday, January 16, 2011

I cannot sleep over 6 hours

No matter how hardcore tired I am!!!!! Sunday's are pretty calm days. After the nice chill day yesterday.  Got to experience cliche' ish walk on the beach (though they never show you horrid mutant flies trying to devour your soul or ice cold ocean water!) among other cliche' beach activities. Good thing my idea of romance is all eschew and thus I found all the oddities of reality that never translate into the hallmark swill they want you to consume.

Kinda amusing to go from a beach to a pool but it worked out fine. Cute kid w/ this "look what I can do" spirit. I wish I could retain some of that care free.... hmmm. I guess the kind of attitude one has before you realize the boogie man is real but he's wearing sheep's clothing... it's probably your uncle and not the mysterious "man in van" (though growing up in the ghetto one sees there share of men in vans and hobos jerking off on public transit)

I haven't had a day where I smiled so much and wasn't constantly thinking of oh no what must I do next. My brain finally stopped, in a good way :D

Guess I should make the most of the fact that I probably can't go back to sleep by working! Here's a random ass picture that's not in season at all... (naw fuck that miss mosh is always in season <3)

(by Dastardly Dave!)

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