Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ahem Windows... plz go fuck yourself

"Even in the future nothing works!" Damn fucking straight. My alarm is not idiot proof (ok I forgot to take my phone off silent before bed. Good thing I'm not terribly behind when I meant to get up but still kinda weak sauce.) Various messenger services not working/freezing my computer. Emulators that don't work and depending on what version of windows you have require 1 billion gazillion extra downloads and  settings tweaks before they half way work right. (I've never been able to get anything CD based to sync up properly with the fucking music... hence bust a groove is impossible to play. I always planned on repurchasing my old systems but fuck... would be nice to have something in the mean time....... bla)

Every computer I've had always had multiple issues. Maybe it's because they're fucking cheap pieces of shit that you're not supposed to keep more than 6 months but I am poor so I'm not gonna buy a new video card every 6 months that makes the last one look like baby carrots. Tired of blue screens and updates from microsoft that make my computer not work b/c now it doesn't have enough memory to run itself... does this happen w/ apple products?

I'd do away w/ computers altogether if I wasn't so used to them/nothing runs on fucking linux... cause maybe I hold hope to having a decent computer some day *tear*

This pic has nothing to do w/ anything but is by Jenny eight on

In other news I have a shoot today which hopefully will happen with not setbacks like a broken leg or the bus being gay and making me late/getting lost as I tend to get lost easily.... ugh red scare running my day? Likely...

end transmission

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