Monday, February 7, 2011

There is no method to this madness

I do this I do that... I rather hate this "job". Granted I will probably hate any job I have where I have to work for anyone else; I will put up with it if I know that at the end of the day coming into work grants me a guaranteed x amount of dollars. This shit right now is frustrating as hell. One day is 20 bucks another 100... can't live like this. I'm looking forward to that job fair thing at 6 flags in a few weeks. Wondering if I could be kept on for longer than seasonal... like keep it as a regular job.

The park itself I haven't had much desire to go there. I don't like thrill rides. They make me very sick/nervous and give me chest pains. I am prone to panic attacks even on rides that I know aren't scary at all.... at some point I'll have to desensitize myself, well maybe it's not like I have to face weird rides in day to day life...

Well here's some good news- I have a shoot valentines day woot woot. That means money in my pocket that I won't be spending because money in my pocket is so few and far between that I'm afraid to buy food. Speaking of which... I should get something to eat.... food and star trek will make everything alright.

Painting by Pendalune

End Transmission

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