Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Been keeping a Daily Journal

Not quite like this blog here (though most days I do chime in about something here). Just a general note of things of note that have happened during the day.

I haven't been going out, partially because I literally have nothing in my wallet, partially because I don't want to go to a place where everyone is drinking. I think that this would be slightly easier if I knew more sober folks but just about everyone I know drinks when they go out.

Granted I don't even go out with that many ppl. I've tried to branch out but most of those attempts fail. The person is busy doing their own thing or flakey and sometimes a combination of the two.

Perhaps when I get into some normal line of work or back in school I can expand my social group a bit more. I would really love to hang out with someone who can cook. I want to learn so bad but I've been putting it off since... well there's not stove here... can't really cook in a microwave right? lol! Folks into sci fi. More people who love star trek. I know of a  few but we don't talk as often as I like and I'm in no position to have a trekkie day. Comic book nerds! Most folks I know have a hard on for Japanese shit which is fine but I don't connect w/ 99% of it so often I'm sitting there twiddling my fingers as much of it is lost in translation and leaves a lot to be desired story wise. I care very little for flashy colors... it can be stick figures if the story is moving.

I've always wanted to have a lan party. I have no place to have one. Could always try the Internet cafes?  chances are that'd be out of everyone's money range though.

I wonder if there's a place to meet more folks into Neo Geo 16 bit crap. More folks who emulate? I know that zsnes used to have a server dedicated to it right... I wanna play original mario kart online lol!

Well knowing what we want is half of it. How does one get there? I guess first things first.... stability stability STABILITY... all else will fall into place at a later time. In a sense things have become routine. I get up work and then annoying females come in later and make noise until the day is done. Whether work yields money is up in the air though... I spend the rest of my time applying to shit and have breaks for food, napping, talking to loved ones.

I do believe it will happen. I wonder though if I'll really want it once it's here. I think constant new experiences are needed to sustain a bit of wonder, joy w/ life... I hope to travel in the future. I want to see fire, snow , lava, naked old ppl on a nude beach, I want to see it all

(rydia from ff4 by tsuku sama)

End Transmission

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