Thursday, February 10, 2011

Brothers in Arms

Just making a note... since about age 18 or 19, (probably 18 cause that's when I found DDR Freak and then the online blogging sites etc.) these blogs have been a way to get feelings out, start a dialog or just to deal w/ things that are bothering me at that given time. Often once I've ranted I feel a lot better and may not even feel the same way I did when I wrote what was written.

I do see the error in this sort of thing though. I can recall numerous occasions and back and fourths because I blatantly called out ppl on things that would've better been handled face to face or even on the phone, in a PM but were horrible to put out even amongst our circle of friends. I couldn't see it at the time but I understand now.

At times it is a hard habit to break. I would rather write than have a yelling match. Usually it's easier to talk after it's written down.

I'm searching for new ways to release stress w/out saying things to the person in a way or at a level that is exaggerated or dramatic.

It's unlikely that this will be a perfect transition but I will do my best to keep issues of those closely akin out of blogs. A friend said write two letters, the angry ranty one... and then the one where you can think logically because you've gotten all the anger out. I'll have to try that.

I also want to say that if I don't always act like it I still care... sometimes  I just need to be detached and in my own head for a bit so that I can be a better friend, lover, sister, cousin... whatever to you and to be better to myself.

I'm starving! I'm going to get dressed and go eat something...

(an old pic from my second shoot... lance craig was the photographer... really nice guy)

End Transmission!

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