Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Minds Eye

Goings on in this little corner of the world lately.... Yesterday had a shoot. In fact the past week I've had three which is unprecedented for me. Something is afoot! Perhaps I didn't put enough effort forth in the past or it could be that I haven't had this much free time in a long while. This is the first time since I started modeling that I have no piercings on my face, no funny colored hair. I'm sure all of these factor in a bit.

I have an interview today! I have my doubts as to whether it's even a real job. Mind you craigs list has yielded some work... you do have to sift through tons of caca before you get to it though. Depending on whether this ends up being real or not, I can then plan my next course of action. If it isn't I'll continue to apply to different things and attend that job fair at 6 flags this weekend which I'm sure I should get hired for since I have open availability. Granted the job would be the death of me (the bus ride anyway)... I think I could handle it at least for the season. Save up for a car/a deposit on a shit place and continue to look for work while I work there (something I've always neglected to do even when I've realized how much I hate the shit out of a job I'm currently working at)

On the name front (for those who have been paying attention) apparently the name blaque jade was created 5 years ago by this person (and I never disputed this fact) bla bla and something about applying for a business license so that's why I should stop using the name etc.  Permission to speak candidly? I don't see why I should care about this... I'm not going to annoy myself by trying to change up all these different site names cause of what anyone else is going through. Sorry if that's bitchy but I do have my own issues to deal with. This just happens to be the one name that stuck and if I absolutely have no choice but to change it (meaning a person takes legal action and even so the name will still be out there in some way shape or form at this point) then I will do so but until then I'm not going through the hassle. I have bigger issues than a handle on the Internet. I've made names too and others have used them. I don't own any of those names... didn't pay for them. Let's be honest here I've been homeless since about September of 2010. 5 months my dear... if you're gonna sue then do it... I don't have shit... if you're not then that's fine too. I can't afford to care about this when I eat about once or twice a day... I'm pretty sure you couldn't have a care in the world about my problems and I honestly couldn't have a dog fart care for yours. It's not my fault you didn't make any real use out of the name. I wasn't even aware that your little corner of the net still existed until recently. Not to say that I'm some "big name bla bla" but.... bottom line- take action if you want the name so badly or don't... either way doesn't matter to me.

On that note I end this rant w/ a hey diddy diddy and away we go!

This sad kitty was made by titolec87... find more of their work here (I wonder if this person's gonna sue me too? oh well... )

End Transmission