Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Job Hunting isn't nearly as cool as

..... that big game hunting crap though I doubt I could ever kill an animal. I do love collecting those fancy trucker hats hahaha. I'm hopeful though, eventually somethings gotta give.

Sometimes I wonder how long I actually have to stay in any given place. I guess if or rather when I have to leave here if things aren't settled by then I can go apply for homeless vouchers again. I'd rather not though. I'd rather rent a room and sleep on the floor than sleep in a disgusting bug infested crack den... but those are my options at this point.

I don't feel sorry for myself though. I could have done things differently, all in all it's my job to take care of myself first. I've neglected this on too many occasions. It's not a matter of what has been done but what to do differently to avoid being in this whole situation again.

Mostly though I enjoy being in a real home w/ people around. Waking up to  snoring, peaceful face dreaming of blade running or something... wanting to crawl into those dreams. Bustling noises of folks leaving for work and the moments of silence. FUCKING WINDOWS! I always know when it's day or night now. It's never stuffy in here.

I know I can't be here forever... hopefully something good comes up (best bet is tomorrow that damn phone job comes through *fingers crossed*)

Guess I'm off to have breakfast, shower, applying to shit/getting to know the area a bit more... no more yoga for me today, think I broke my neck... so fucking sore lol

why this picture? Just cause it takes me to my happy place. by karuma9 click here for more of their work

End Transmission

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