Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's in a Name?

So apparently my modeling adult... whatever handle is someone else's property. What can be done about this? I asked her this question. Maybe it would help to start at why I wanted an alias in the first place?

Seems pretty self explanatory. So strange ppl won't stalk me (potentially). I complain about life but deep down under all those organs and adrenal glands I do enjoy life. (shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone this pweeeze). It was also brought to my attention that using one's real name in conjunction w/ the type of work that I do (often involving some form of nudity) could be a dangerous thing.

I remembered a site that I either happened upon or was contacted by... forget which but the name stood out to me as a potential name for usage. I honestly didn't think much of it... I'm not even sure if it's still in operation. If you wanna go ahead and check it out it's hither I'm not going to b/c from what I remember from my dial up days it had too much clutter on it and it often made my computer freeze... but I digress.

So I was asked to stop using the name on all of the sites bla bla that I'm a part of (so that would be about  6 or 7 sites... ) This could pose a problem. For one set up of a few of those don't allow you to change names so I would have to create a new account (more paper work) and make new content for the new name etc. Other one's this isn't such a daunting task but... I have been using this name for a few years now and I'm half ass known by it so it'd be at least a little nuisance to change it now.

So what am I asking myself? Should I attempt to change at least the names that would be simple to change? Why would I do that since this is not really any other model's handle? People borrow names, sayings, jokes... daily... so I dunno how I feel about this. Honestly I didn't even think the name would get noticed anywhere (perhaps that's the kelly bundy in me. Guess I didn't intend on or think it'd be possible to have my picture taken more than a handful of times before folks were bored of me etc...)

So....... I guess I will see what reply I get.... at any rate my life has more pressing issues than sitting around changing an alias. Well at least I have a shoot to look forward to tomorrow... yay another long day for... erm blaque jade errrrrrrm the artist formaly known as... aww fuck it

more of black funny ducks work can be found here

End Transmission

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