Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So the net is back on woot woot

I'm still not sure if I'll find myself on all the time (well at least I'll be able to check out castings and job search things in the mornings and evenings. OH and chatty chat opportunities woot!)

I guess I can understand why it was off though even though it was a some what irritating having to lug my comp around. So the vid I was gonna upload Sunday I'm putting up today (joy) If you got anymore questions or random things you'd like me to talk about or explore I'd love to hear them.

Thank you new followers on DA and for all the favs and the continued checking up on my randomness :) Thanks to everyone who continues to correspond w/ me (I like having pen errrm type pals)

I've been playing Breath of Fire and I'm stuck on some search for REMEDY for Nina's father. I'm a little disappointed that I'm stuck so early in the game when I flew through the first 2 dungeons (one while on the bus getting stared at because I had this laptop out and a bunch of cords... oh my little lappy tends to look like it's on life support quite often lol) I could look up a walk-through but I don't wanna do that (even though I've passed this part previously I still wanna re-figure it out. Guess I'm missing something. I might just head back to the castle and see what happens.

I'm wondering about starting a pic of the day type thing.... though I dunno how dedicated I'd want to be to that everyday. Maybe a pic of the week? Shit I dunno It may just be a here's a pic of the day when I feel like it and when the net isn't turned off over petty crap thing? LOL

In general though my mood is pretty good. I'm looking forward to tomorrows shoot w/ Adam Chilson. I'm hoping not to set myself on fire or those that I love but looking at the pics from previous shoots these should be... really super duper pretty/awesome :)

I'm also thinking of taking requests for custom shows/ pics... if you have something in mind send it HERE!!!

I might be available to chat sometime today or tonight, I'm not exactly sure (as usaual) We'll see what the day brings.

ALSO ... Shooting wise. I'm still free from Saturday on through next week (I don't think I should wait for that job to get in touch with me. If something changes I can always let everyone know... FUCK IT!) You can contact me on Model Mayhem or Deviant Art if you'd like to set something up. And for shits and giggles add me on Twitter and Tumblr oh I always forget Formspring.

End Transmission

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