Sunday, June 5, 2011

First youtube video

any tips, advice and such would be appreciated... and def feel free to send me more questions or subject matter!!

I dunno if I can watch this many times. Voices always sound really strange when they're recorded lol. Next time I'll put on make-up first... well at least you know what I really look like... oh the horror of unmasked female faces!!! lawls! Also it's hard talking to a cam w/out feeling like you're talking to yourself like a crazy person... maybe that gets better overtime?

Oh other good news!! A little birdy carried my magical lost SD card to me... we embraced and had magical photoshoot babies. OK not really but I do have it back and I can start updated Deviant Art again woot woot!! (as well as re-add the old ass shit back)

I have one shoot planned for next week (tentative, we're going w/ the wind on this one... hope it happens, would be nice to see lightbrite again his port is available here) and counseling session (that I'm sorta looking forward to) and a whole lot of pavement pounding. (momma needs a new pair of ermm adulthood workness?) I also must remember to re-visit ppl and call the shit out of jobs. I've failed to do that pretty much my entire adult life and I think that's a big reason why I spend 6 months at a time on the hustle. I'd rather not do that this time... yay annoying the shit out of managers is FUN!! Just sucks that I hate talking on the phone but I'm learning to get over phone anxiety. Part of being an adult... guess it means suck it up and deal with it yes?

As always on I'm on Model Mayhem, Twitter, oh.... One Model Place (I forgot I had that account until a week ago lol oh mine broke beginnings become my broke currently horray!!), Tumblr, hmmm Fetlife. I haven't really been on there and I'm debating whether I should simply delete the account altogether. While I do have fetishes and there are a few groups I like reading on there that give me hope that the whole world isn't full of scumy scum ass lickers.... the majority remains to be as uninspiring as the majority of the regular population. (oh shit I was suppossed to be working on cynicism shit!) Well at least every once in a blue moon a half way decent female admits to having a psuedo crush that is destined to go no where at all.... and for that I'm thankful..... I think today will be the first time I've checked it in over a week... well we'll see...

Walking this journey w/ you (that's me and for baremaidens... check that shit out, maybe some day they'll upload the video of me throwing a hatchet. I hope so cause I wanna see it myself lol)

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