Thursday, June 2, 2011

Questions for youtube...

so I wanna attempt this whole youtube thing... If you'd like to send me a question to talk about....  my youtube page is here (I know you can send messages there) or send it to (I rarely use this email so might as well make some use of it).

I'm hoping if I can learn to talk to myself like a crazy person perhaps my people skills will improve too? I guess we'll see.

I'm officially off hiatus (shooting wise). Granted I don't have a lot to work w/ (I never really did but now bleh..) I guess it doesn't matter so much if I do nudes though. I'll just start there or w/ things where wardrobe is provided... :-/

(I noticed I hadn't put a pic at the end of my entries in a while so here's one from a year ago... it's no photo shoppy.... sowie lol)

And now to eat breakfast and get ready for a wonderful day!!

End Transmission

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