Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's sunday, sunday... drinking water on sunday

That means another video blog! Like what! I'm running out of these things actually lol I should probably start getting the questions from formspring (when I do get them) and make videos out of those? Well we'll see. lol.

I'm mildly hungover. I haven't felt this way since January or so. I'd be lying though if I said drinking wasn't fun and didn't have certain advantages especially in akward situations. Not to say that yesterday was even close to as strange as I expected. My nervous skepticism kinda flushed away after a few moments... things aren't always as they seem. All in all I had a good time. Wasn't really a dancey type party that I'm used to... more kick back but still cool.

So now I go forth to fill my body w/ as much water as possible and (hopefully) a quiet day.

You used to be a beautiful baby... but baby look at you a year ago? I still debate whether I want my piercings back. Kissing is much more of a dream w/out them  but they looked so damn pretty :'( oh wells! To fill my day w/ show time original series now!

BTW as far as shooting goes... I'm free all next week (save thursday evening.) I'll be doing my first figure drawing class so woot woot on that! Which also reminds me... I still have papers to print/send in lol.

As always I'm on Model Mayhem --- Deviant Art --- Twitter --- Tumblr --- One Model Place

And yeah send me some more questions too cause they're awesome. AND New pics from last weeks shoot to come to my uh ports so look out for those (I know I'm a very slow updater lol) as well as the old fucking shit that I'm still transferring over.

End Transmission

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