Friday, June 10, 2011

A week in Review

For the most part things have been relatively tame. I can't complain much. Actually I could complain a whole lot but that's never gotten me anywhere new before so I'll try not to stress the little things.

Lots of applying to crap and an interview. The woman said she would call that night to let everyone know whether they were hired or not (and I'm guessing I was not since I received no call). Nevertheless I plan on annoying the hell out of the store until I'm told a definite no cause I guess that's what you should do yes?

I've made a vow to myself to honor what  an old soul always says, "to myself be true". I wonder how true I am to that sometimes. While in denial of severity or connecting any reasons what so ever to short comings it all comes down to how do we move on and improve from this? How does one find their own happy place? What do I really want to do? Where am I going and how do I want to get there?

One thing is certain, the type of dramatics over my early adult life thus far has been ridiculous. I just want an existence that's comfortable enough and free of over the top arguments/situations. I guess a certain amount of censorship is in order when pertaining to situations that directly effect other people. It's taken 7 years, a few passive aggressive interactions, many blocks and deletions to realize that but... at least it's there lol. At this point if you're a stress inducer I'll either be close enough to you to talk about it to a point but if you're not (IE not even a casual friend) I'll just get rid of you and move on... no need to dance around and pretend we have a mutual respect when there is none right?

Wednesday had a shoot w/ Lightbrite again! Always a pleasure to shoot w/... really calm chill person w/ huge cute dogs. I learned something new! That one really loves bubbles and one won't even be in the room w/ them hahaha. I think I've tried to shoot bubbles around 3 or 4 different times. It's pretty tough! First time they didn't come out at all though this time there were a few shots where there was enough of them in the picture. Now we know that they blend into light surfaces. I'm wondering if some of the shots came out the way they did b/c there was so much going on in the background. There's an old record player that I need to think of a use for (well not need but it'd be cool to use it for something) We might do more light painting soon! For some odd reason every time we try to do normal shots w/ studio lighting the cam wants to act all crazy like... I hope that gets taken care of. (Unless it really is just me and I have some sort of studio lighting hating spirit that follows me where ever I gooooooooooooooo)

I'm not sure what's in store today. Rest? What is that!!??? I do know I need to get to a printer and re-fill the might metro pass for next week. I have some figure drawing class to pose for Monday (I'm going to contact them the day before to make sure it's still on cause I'm not sure...). That'll either go super awesome or be incredibly uncomfortable and weird. I've done figure modeling for pictures but I presume it's not the same for drawing as certain things aren't as interesting to draw... Applying at a different school to see if I can get into it more. I may check into others over the course of the week. Guess it depends.

My fav pic that I've gotten to so far... I'll slowly get to the others as well as upload some of the older stuffs too (I really should've been done with that by now...) I also think, if I can pull a decent outfit together (w/ what I have I may have to hold off on this) I can go ahead and make that dancing video I've been meaning to make forever. I don't expect it to be mind boggling, blowing and all that but it'd be nice to use when applying for dancing casting calls and hell I love to dance so... why the hell not.

As always I'm on Model Mayhem, DeviantART, Twitter, Tumblr , One Model Place and NOAW duh duh duh dumb Youtube! Send some requests, questions, things you'd like to see!! I'll also work on making another v-blog if the home can remain quiet enough for that... we'll see. Have a good friday/weekend everyone!

End Transmission

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