Monday, June 27, 2011

I've come down w/ a case of the Monday's

How is that possible when one isn't working a 9-5? Oh boy I'll tell ya.

I've been up since about 6am ready to take my bus trek to buttfuck no where to do a shoot I was looking forward to (as I look forward to all my shoots) Thanks to the lovely magical google maps directions I ended up in the middle of fucking Compton which is no where near where I needed to be. Upon trying to find a transfer to the correct bus I get sprayed with some random broken sprinklers.

Oh forgot to mention when I woke up I tried to fix the internet issues w/ my shit-tastic metro pcs phone. Yesterday I was told that "I can't get access to anything but facebook b/c I have the $45 plan" Honestly if I'm to pay 50 bucks there are better pre-paid options out there and I'm not even entirely sure what I'm getting out of the extra 5 bucks with this plan when nothing fucking works properly. W/ my old phone I could check email, twitter and any other site that would load on it. This phone which is supposed to be an upgrade won't let me check anything but facebook and sends the incorrect picture every time I try to send one to someone.

So I call and the first time I get hung up on. The second time some ghetto bitch answers who sounds like she wants to kill herself. Her incessant gum smacking really brightened up my morning as well... wtf was her name, Taqwanda or some ridiculous gutter trash name that doesn't mean shit... ugh. Anyway she tells me that since I don't know my "high security code" which I don't even recall ever being asked to set up I have to go back to a physical store and ask them for it. There's no security question in place like most companies have or fuck they could have ask me my social or something but no... there's nothing miss gum smacking bitch could do.

Apparently the library is also closed on Sunday's and Monday's now so that felt like a meh moment but luckily there's a starbucks down the street that I happened upon to type in all this positive fucking energy for you all today.

"I can pick you up but you must not really want to shoot" really fucker!? If you could've picked me up why the fuck didn't you offer in the first place. OF COURSE AFTER BEING SPRAYED WITH SPRINKLERS AND SENT OFF TO BUTT FUCK NO WHERE I'M NOT GOING TO FEEL LIKE SHOOTING RETARD!?

I think the hopes of internet at home are lost on retarded ears because my grandmother could care less about anything that doesn't directly effect her. At least there's always coming here and smelling coffee smell that makes me half nauseous

I'm done trying to fix this phone. I really wanted to give it a shot since I just bought the stupid fucking thing and it seems like a waste to go and buy another one so soon but I'm tired of dealing with this shit customer service.

Rant be ended here

On a positive note... tomorrow should be nice, Thursday should also be awesome. Since there isn't any net at home I have been giving a lot more LOVE to my emulators though. I guess that could be seen as a positive? Kinda fun pulling out ur laptop and then pulling out other parts to where it looks like it's on life support just to play 15 mins of breath of fire on the train.... JOY!

End Transmission

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