Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Job hunting day 1billiongazillionxxxxxxxxfuck

I've always hated the process of looking for a job. Not to say I mind getting up early (I have insomnia most of the time anyway so often I'm up by 4-5am) I just wish they could be a little bit more helpful and straight forward about it ya know. Tell you hey we're hiring for ppl to work mainly nights or it's a good time to call at this time. I wish more jobs would tell you when they're not going to hire you so you don't waste a good month bothering them.

My BEST experience yet though has to be the one at Hooters yesterday. I waited a whole hour (none of the girls would even make eye contact w/ me after they sat me down) to get told some bullshit like "don't call us we'll call you" type deal. No one ever says that. It wasn't even fucking balls to the wall packed or anything so I'm really unsure how that 5 min. bullshit talk couldn't haven been done sooner. RIGHT you didn't know I was there for the first 30 mins.... because a girl sitting here alone during app hours w/ no fucking food isn't a big indicator? What excuses the additional 30 mins of waiting? It doesn't take that long to fill out an application. What's a hooter girl to you? I dunno some blond fucking bimbo... gimme a fucking job... I have tits too... I can do your fucking job... this shit is so fucking stupid!! I should've gotten a free shot simply for having so much time wasted that I missed the manager at the other place I applied to that I probably would've had a better chance at getting hired at (If they haven't hired someone already... FUCK!)

Last time I applied there (a month ago). I was told they would be hiring in a couple of weeks or some shit. I didn't get the "importance" of calling places back going "remember me I want a job bitch". So I refrained from doing so. A different manager interviewed me that time. It didn't even take 20 mins of my time. He was really nice and at least seemed mildly interested. Then again I didn't have braids then so meh... since apparently a lot of places don't dig that... shit I dunno wtf the problem was...

I've reached the I'm so fucking sick of applying to places answering the same pointless balls questions. Going through this ridiculous dance for pennies. I used to dance for nickles... but then I thought I could do better but boy I was wrong... maybe. I know at some point something will give but I still hate the fuck out of this process.... Now to go call jobs that don't want to talk to me since it appears the hot water won't be on in time for me to get to my appointments YAY!!!

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