Saturday, June 25, 2011

Would you like to taketh my picture?

Since the job I applied at is extending interviews until next week. This week is well pretty much free. (though I'm saving thursday for another shoot... hopefully that will happen.) If tuesday's hair plan works out I'll have spiffy new hair for that as well which would be awesome!!!

At any rate if you wanna shoot drop me a line here or if you wanna send something nice/random-ness.

Net is still disconnected at home which makes for my internet travels a fun (not so fun) adventure! Though the good thing is it's a lot more comfortable getting on the net here in the company of books. My journey through the ghetto though is not so comfortable. Yes creepy man selling bootleg dvd's in front of the liquor store... I do feel that I am too good to even look in your direction :-/

While I'm here though I'm going to try to post up a couple of new pics on Deviant Art and not lollygag so much. Then it's off to the billion email shuffle woot woot!! No video tomorrow... maybe I can upload 2 next week if the net is back on or do so the day it's on??????

OH in other words... I'm free all week save tuesday and thursday as of now :D (I almost forgot to add that lol)

photo by lightbrite (check him out he's awesome!!)

End Transmission

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