Friday, June 24, 2011

my appologies for not being terribly active

The interwebs at home have been shut off accidentally... so I haven't been able to keep up w/ emails and such for the past 3 or so days. I'm told they should be back on Monday. Until then I'll have to make fun treks to the library (since my phone is being retarded and doesn't want to let me log into any of my email accounts).

I'm waiting on word from my interview yesterday before I start making plans for next week (though I must admit that I did kinda give the OK for an Adam Chilson shoot... cause it's fucking Adam Chilson and I probably get to shoot a fucking flame thrower or something so like... wouldn't you!?)

I'll begin updating my accounts (deviant art -- model mayhem -- etc.) a bit more when I get time.

Since I'm not sure if I'll have net Sunday they're probably won't be a new youtube video either unless I go ahead and lug my shit computer to the library tomorrow. Guess I could do that... we'll see.

Other than that I did my first figure drawing class yesterday. I'd like to get more experience in it... we'll see though. Possible job hiring me to pick up doggies and take doggy names and give doggy belly rubs :D sorry dogs make me giddy a bit. I do hope they'll hire me but I'm not expecting them too. Seemed like a really chill work place (then again everything seems chill from the outside yes?

by Lightbrite (I'll post up more on my other pages as soon as the net wants to cooperate w/ me!!)

Until then thanks for the watches on DA... I do see them and I do appreciates!

Oh and for those who wanna hire me for stuff (photography, videos, custom, uh just wanna send a random message saying yo!) do that hither

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