Thursday, May 5, 2011

What a week

It seems like that time of year where I feel like what other cluster fuckage will arise from the garbage to kick me in the ass. I've been through this enough times to know that it will pass as all things do. Just wish I was a rich person (though I'm sure many of you probably do).

At any rate I've had 2 shoots this week... awaiting the many awesome pictures to update Deviant Art, Model Mayhem and Tumblr with...I have another shoot w/ Moonstix today which should prove to be very fun and yield awesome beautiful results. Plus he's just really cool to be around. I predict the ride will be long and hot but well worth the trip.

I'm booking shoots for next week (may 9th - 12th) I'll spend a few days looking for a more suitable (closer) job... and in the mean time be on my hustle game (woot woot ugh) lol...

Also got some mysterious package in the mail, guessing it's a birthday gift from an anonymous someone... I'd like to say thanks but 1 it's half creepy that someone sent me that gift in the mail w/ no name on the package and 2 how do you know my name? So my guess would be I'd have to know you in some capacity (though if I know you why would you send something anonymously :-/) My hope is to have a place soon so I can get whatever mail I want and not have to worry about folks taking it the wrong way... I have many thoughts but all are moot at this point... Just means that I need to not be here any longer than need be as I've already been here too long anyway...

End Transmission

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