Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Diet Pills- Day 2-gatoraid colored piss-awesome

So I'm guessing these things are supposed to curve my appetite and shit... and by golly they do. You're probably wondering why the fuck I would even need or take such things? Well I figure can't hinder getting better abs, might help the crunches be that much more effective/I do have horrible times when I don't eat and then randomly go back to pigging the fuck out... so at least while I'm doing this I can effectively starve while keeping my freakishly awesome metabolism intact. I'm guessing I'll lose 5 pounds of water weight lol

GOOD NEWS (sorta) I found a place that does free-ish dental work. So I'm expecting to sit on the phone waiting to make an appointment for the next 2 hours but netflix will get me through these trying times. Also thinking of other slacker type shit I can garnish during this time of economic broke-ness and woe (sounds like pretty much every other time of non-economic broke-ness and woe to me... so not much has changed lol)

Thanks for all the folks on Deviant Art who've given me all the favs and kind words. I really appreciate it... I'm still slowly re-adding the stuff from my old profile and new stuff. Though I fucked up last week and haven't booked anything this week since I've been feeling under the weather but hopefully I'll get something by the weekend. I just have to get out of this funk of sorts. I'm sorry if I haven't gotten around to thanking you personally... I'm semi-lazy/lose track of shit when there's all these random ass activity stacks/dont wanna spam ur page w/ a billion thank you's but know that I do see it and I do care ^_^

Alright enough of this being cold in one spot business, time to hunt for food, call the dentist (not looking forward to being on hold forever... I should charge my damn phone lol) apply to some places *sigh* Lot's of typing I foresee in my foreskin-less future, cause I have no penis...

if you haven't already checked these out I'm on twitter, tumblr, and MODEL MAYHEM!! so yeah check those out toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (and all my shit is outdated due to sickness fuxorz)

End Transmission


  1. you+diet pills????? WTF?! you dont need it! its always the thin/beautiful girls who worry about fat, makes me so confused.

    p.s. 5 vitamin c drinks on an empty stomache makes bright yellow piss. just thought i'd share that.

  2. lol I know I don't NEED them... but I figured I'd get a bit of an edge/a bit of lazyness out of it... and it'd stop me from some of the binge eating I do sometimes. I don't plan on being on them for long

    OH vitamin C does this.... AWESOME!!!!!