Friday, May 20, 2011

just another rant racking my brain

I think that World Star Hip Hop might be worst than BET. Who are they owned by anyway? Every time I see that logo I know I'm going to see some absurd shit. Sometimes it's kinda funny and I chuckle here and there but most times I'm really sickened by the shit that I see. Part of me wishes I could just go hey that's totally untrue... there aren't ppl out there like that but obviously if there's video not much can be said to contest that. Most of the time I don't even give much thought to what I'm watching, brush it off as pathetic and move on... though I know for a fact there are those who watch these videos and even dedicate site's to finding this type of negative shit to back up their closed minded views.

I wonder if anyone ever stops to think that these are people first and foremost and what steps occurred before they felt the need that being aggressive rather than timid was the way to survive in whatever area they're from... That there are a lot of folks who live in the ghetto and are the nicest most loyal friendly people you'll ever come in contact w/. I think the ones that cause trouble are so far and in between and mostly folks simple mannerisms get misunderstood. (IE talking louder isn't always meant to be rude, not everyone talks louder but it's the first thing that came to mind)

So I'll post the video that made me go on this thought path... It kinda reminded me of something that happened in middle school on parent teacher day no less lol

I guess I cannot speak for everyone, how all should feel but I can speak for myself. When I see things like this coupled w/ pretty much every negative reading I get when venturing out to sites that have virtually no black users (as people feel a lot more free to be racist as fuck on those sites) It makes me a little sad. I know that if I meet people who are used to this representation of black folks (and more specifically black women not being very lady like or feminine at all in this shit) they expect that type of shit out of me.

Truth is I used to have a very short temper and in a lot of ways I still have issues w/ anger. More or less now it takes much more to actually get on my radar. I rarely have outbursts though, I tend to analyze it for a while before speaking about it (and I'm sure I over analyze to a nonsensical OCD level obsessiveness over anything not deemed correct and often take blame onto myself when it's not my fault or at the very least partial blame should've been given some where else) I think there are real reasons for why people act the way they do, no it's not an excuse but... I just hate that people want to  curse the symptom of a greater disease... w/ no solutions there to prevent that type of ignorance. We aren't born doing a bunch of stupid fucking shit... a lot of behavior is learned, survival tools... I guess there's no easy fix for that either...

Oh well back to my self deluded bubble of youtube and gig searching and other useless bullshit

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