Friday, May 27, 2011

I just wanted to rest today

I don't know how many mile equivalents I've done going back and forth threw the house, being on the bus to the store back home to the store again... I'm fucking spent! I wasn't even this tired getting lost yesterday in west wood.

My back is not going to be able to heal if I can't even sit down for a full 5 min. period w/out someone calling me to grab this and that. I remember all this from years ago... How fucking irritating this shit is! I really wanted to take it easy today...

It starts with towels, then money orders, then mail some random ass shit, the go to a different store... I really wish I could've done everything at once so it would be done and I could rest.

Was thinking of using my day pass to go see Hobo w/ a shotgun tonight but at the moment I just feel like I should go to sleep.

Well... I guess this will be the motivation to not be here cause I really don't want to spend the rest of my days running in circles... this is not to say I have a super social life or anything but I can't fathom getting one if I'm stuck doing this shit all the time...I'm so tired I forgot what I initially clicked onto this damn site to write about.!

Oh that's right wolves IE people claiming friendship and care and all that in an underhanded way b/c ultimately they just want to stick their ass banana in ur... uh FUCK you know what I mean (that still counts as a use for ass banana right?) Need a shoulder to lean on? Need this or that? Why are you so interested in "FRIENDSHIP" now?  Let's make this easy for you... I'm not interested in you! Let's leave it at that... I simply don't care to get dicked around, be fuck buddies w/, pretend to care for your little penis, have mediocre sex while not giving a fuck about you thus not putting any effort forth what so ever cause I don't care... Been there done that... don't wanna do it again. When I am ready... I don't think ppl who are contacting me under the guise of friendship will really be considered. Be real w/ me I can be real w/ you... That said don't waste your time. Trust me I helped you dodge a huge bullet here :D

(oh and pushy ppl... that shit never works. Things happen when they do. If you gotta beg for it, not meant to be and frankly it becomes pathetic over time... *zoom zoom ouch!*

Cause the internet NEVER lies yes? No I KNOW I'm crazy!!!)!%

End Transmission

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