Monday, May 16, 2011

not quite a hiatus

I'd like to take more time out to get things in order. Worry about doing things that yield more income. More on the path to having my own shit. I probably won't be shooting as much.

I haven't been feeling the best (aside from this nagging toothache which I need to pull some funds together to get that fixed... I have no clue how much that will set me back or if I have enough to begin w/ but I can't deal with this much longer. It's to the point to where my entire left side of my face hurts and I'm getting headaches over it.)

I'd just like to focus a bit more on my physical and mental well being for a bit. I still plan on shooting some... but I don't think I want to take up most of my week w/ it anymore.

So if all goes as planned, job fair today, then more applying and hopefully the chance to check up on school (not sure if all will be done in that order but... we'll just have to see how the day pans out)

Friday went to Das Bunker for the first time in... hmmm I'm not sure actually when was the last time I went there lol. I actually had a really nice time. They seem to play much better music when there's a guest DJ. I met a really nice couple and aside from creepy dude trying to dance w/ everyone and old guy on E the night was un-tarnished.

I did see my ex while changing bus's... I gave a half smile... he gave an uncomfortable half smile half laugh gesture. Part of me wonders what he was thinking... perhaps I'd say something outlandish or cause a scene but at this point I don't care when ppl decide to walk out of my life unannounced. It's happened so many times before that it's kinda whatever. He wasn't particularly active in my life at this point anyway. It's probably best this way though it'd be nice to get my crap back... like my CD collection but I'm not so heartbroken about things I haven't seen in years so much. It gives me a bit of hope for recent scars... that they perhaps aren't as bad as one would think they should be...

So as far as shooting is concerned I have nothing planned this week. I might try to do one... but we'll have to see how I'm feeling... after I figure out all this dental shit out.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

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