Monday, April 25, 2011


Damn song was called vapor... lol Thanks love for finding it. . . I think I've listened to it about 5 or 6 times lol I may listen to it 3 more. It's the only way to get it unstuck from my head muahahaha!!

Ummm so Saturday's shoot mad flaked on me. This has only happened once before. I was quite amazed though that someone figure to just leave because other model's didn't show up w/out calling to confirm. I sent a message when I left saying I might be 10-15 mins late... SAYING I LEFT MY HOUSE AND I AM ON MY WAY!! I ended up being on time and the whole damn studio was locked up. The only reason I'm not too peeved about it is that I didn't ride the bus down there. If I were on the bus I would've been pretty pissed considering how slow that shit is and how much time I would've lost.

Visited the Griffith Observatory... filled w/ good memories. It's nice not being the only person interested in something/seeing someone happy about learning. It's also very adorable seeing this in an adult. It's a sorta light that most don't have... I'm not quite sure how to explain it... it's something you know when you see it. When someone is really having a good time and is seeing something through new eyes. (jeez the more days that pass the more I'm starting to like the little half humans more and more... I guess since I'm dealing w/ more children on a regular basis I'm getting accustomed to their sensory input patterns lol... If you know where that's from you get 10 dork points)

Bar Sinister that night... the plan was to go to Perversion but that was moved back to Thursdays so I was stuck w/ that place. I don't like that venue much. It's too small and security tends to be low key racist assholes who say inappropriate shit. Not to say I care about what they say as much as some... I find it a bit funny... but it still sucks to be somewhere w/ some dude staring holes in the back of your head. That sorta thing never makes anyone comfortable (though lucky for me I tend to not notice these things on my own since I block out 90% of what's going on around me... a skill I lost for a while after high school and have slowly regained through nights of sober clubbing... kudos to me haha) The randomness of their set list threw me off, 80's to goth rock- industrial/ebm - weird ravey type jumpy music - icky pop music that I wasn't quite in the mood for hearing. If I'm in an industrial club... that's what I wanna hear... 80's stuff fine, goth rock... sure I can live w/ that... the rest was kinda meh.

Then there's the fact that I'm not 18... not 21 anymore... so a lot of the pretentious children aren't really what I wanna be around. I love being in my dancing zone and catching a glimpse of some sour faced broad in uncomfortable clothes staring me down... If you wanna wear that kinda shit fine... I'm going to be as naked as possible b/c I know it gets hot in those places/I'm more comfortable this way... don't like it don't look. Yes I do have a bright gay ass back pack. I don't have piercings, a corset, latex... none of that shit on... (I would still have peircings but I gotta work. I'd never dance in a corset... it doesn't suite my dance style nor are corsets comfortable... latex, hmmm maybe latex booty shorts and a small bra like top... but that shit is expensive :P

Uh..........No place for us old folks to go and dance and be left alone (well not true... the folks at malediction are really nice about not staring at you like a total retard and give up a bit of conversation every so often too lol) And don't stomp on my foot terribly hard making it hurt for the rest of the night (thanks random drunk guy)

OOOOOOOOOOOH drunk ppl are starting to get on my last fucking nerve. So fucking stupid... I don't mean buzzed folks, buzzed ppl are like ppl on weed... happy and mellow, Drunk off their ass ppl are annoying and angry and stomp on my feet or hit me and i have to tell myself they're drunk and walk away cause they're drunk and have no clue wtf they're doing. Though there are times when I miss drinking a bit... I don't feel a need to drink, and mostly the feeling fades when I see folks act beyond the normal boundaries of excepted retardedness.

Anywho tomorrow I have a shoot w/ some metal uh stuffs which should be cool.... Next week a desert shoot!! Hopefully I can fill in some days in between w/ a couple more. If not I know there's 2 days I'd like to set aside for applying as a waitress at a few places... One job isn't going to afford me a living wage.... annnnnnnnd at least they get tipped yes? Though that would be a true test of ppl skills... I still plan on keeping my current job but if something else comes along I'd like to minimize my availability there w/ something closer that pays more :)

Available free dates are May 1st - 4th (Sad to say I'll be working my birthday but at least it won't be for very many hours. I would be happier about this if I had the next day off but I don't. Oh well) I can be reached on Model Mayhem or Deviant Art about booking me for shoots and junk...

Before you say "hey you're not vegetarian why you put dis herrrr" unless you just didn't know that then uh disregard. I still thought it was a cool concept.

Anyway I got this from Gravy Cat's Deviant art which you can find by clicking this whole thing here

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