Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Take my picture fool!!!

Since I'm not 100% sure on how much free time I'll have after Sunday... I'm trying to get as much shooting done as possible.

Today is booked, Tomorrow seems iffy... The photographer hasn't gotten back to me so I may just opt to do something else. Friday is booked, Saturday is still open and Sunday evening if free.

Other than that updated the new deviant art has been really slow. But it's chugging along. I guess it'll be done when it's done. It's a little odd, I wonder how long it takes for the old page to fully disappear?

At any rate if you'd like to book me (modeling and even gogo dancer wise contact me on model mayhem or deviant art)

(photo of me taken by rachel spurr)

End Transmission


  1. really nice photo!

    sad to hear some photographers are so busy playing with lenses they forget how to communicate.

  2. it happens... we're all human and make mistakes. I don't take a whole lot of offense to it. :)