Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Available Shoot Dates

April 24th , 26th

May 1st through the 3rd

Looking forward to shooting Saturday. At least it's a late shoot so I won't be terribly tired. I might even have enough energy afterward to cut a nice rug (though that will depend if I have a shoot Sunday/how early it is... I may just head in early and catch up on some sleep.)

As far as all else is tiring. I haven't been so sore in a long while. I mean I've been "good" sore but this kind of sore is not so pleasurable. Birthday coming up on the 7th. I was super excited about it 2 months ago and now my excitement has kinda trickled down into some menial puddle. Don't really have any plans... hopefully I can treat myself to a gift and enjoy a nice quiet day/evening... I'm not really expecting much though. Last year was really nice but I suppose everyone is in a different place now. I'll probably never have that kind of birthday again.

Still updating Deviant Art w/ new and old works. (It's a slow process) If I haven't thanked you yet... I apologize. I've been lacking in the energy department lately.

I wish I still had the energy of a ten year old and that short of an attention span. Days sure felt longer back then haha.

Feel free to check me out on Model Mayhem, Twitter and Tumblr as well (work, fun, shits and giggles etc.)

Alright I'm off to spend my Victoria Secret gift card that I've been hording for the month lol....

(Lana Kane shoot in the works... for VERY SOON (I hope lol) Hopefully I won't look like too much of an idiot lol It's always difficult to pick characters to cosplay as when you're dark skinned... but I'll do it to the best of my ability.)

End Transmission

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