Monday, April 4, 2011

Troll (blaque) Jade

If you read the last blog that you ended up responding to me on my new deviant art about... you'd know that it pretty much would've been the last mention of you (because if you disappear what other reason would I have to mention you.) Also I'm not going to just up and change my name w/out some sort of explanation as to why (and back story is also interesting to read). Another note this is MY BLOG... I can say whatever I feel like saying here. I'm not going to sensor myself for you. Obviously if you keep being a nuisance you'll probably be mentioned (though at this point what is this month 3 or 4 of you leaving the same ignorant comments really lame).

I'm convinced you are a troll and if you've got nothing noteworthy, compelling, funny to say then stop talking to me.

You already have your "precious" name back so insults over the new name or crap about how you're old and how I'm going to be old (at this point I stopped reading). Does everything you send have to have HOE in it? I'm by no means a tool of gardening. Then switched up w/ slut bitch or some other ghetto slang that I don't care to know.

If you think so low of me why do you care what I think? If you don't care why are you going out of your way to send crap to me? You lack proper logic and I'm sure these questions will either go unanswered or you'll just say "I'm tired of yo azz mentioning me in yo blog bla bla bla"

Haven't you gotten what you wanted, IE your name?! Why you still hover around is odd to me.

I could mention what most ppl think of this entire situation... in detail but I don't care.

What you think of me on a personal or superficial level is irrelevant to me. I'd like to go through life w/out having to block you from every site I decided to make use of. So please make like a good little roach and climb back into whatever crevice you came from.

For the last time I'm not going to tell you where I am. I have nothing to prove to you so why would I meet you face to face. Yes I could stick a dildo in me and I might just do that. What exactly is a Hoe to you? Unicorn Hoe... right because I hoe unicorns? Your wit is definitely ahead of it's time.

You're spending way too much time on a person you don't know and will never know. If you're not hiring me for some paid work or talking to me normal go away.

I don't even understand why you spend so much time googling this name anyway. I think half the hits on this site come from you re-reading shit. Perhaps you just enjoy conflict... at any rate I'm not amused anymore. I won't be responding to anything ignorant you say. If you do have a normal intelligent response then send it... if not I'll just be blocking you from now  on and if things escalate I'll have to look into blocking your IP address and other measures cause this is really beyond silly.

End Transmission

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