Thursday, April 7, 2011

It seems as though today's shoot is off...

Doesn't appear to be sunny enough to do what was planned. On the bright side at least I got a bunch of stuff in my bag already for tomorrows shoot (which will need darkness so I won't have to worry about the weather being fussy teehee!)

Yesterday's shoot was pretty fun. I can't wait to get all the pics back. I already got a few and they're looking pretty cool. I think all the squatting I've been doing has made my thighs a lot stronger... holding a squat position now w/out shaking, pretty cool to be able to do that. After seeing the very flexible curvy fancy haired lady yesterday whose name eludes me (I fucking suck w/ names... I apologize for that) makes me want to super up the level of yoga I've been doing. I've been ok the very basic stuff for about a month or so. I might search around amazon in a few weeks to see if I can find some intermediate works and perhaps some harder pilates workouts (though those already hurt tremendously already.)

(thought freeze, special k singing Aesthetic Perfection... made me smirk a bit)

I guess I can use the rest of the day to relax and then head out for dork time adventures (I'm bad at planning this sorta impromtu things)

We'll see... ermmm new updates for deviantart? not sure if I wanna put all the old crap up first then the new but I guess it shouldn't matter as long as it all gets there, one way or another right? Maybe add a few to Model Mayhem as well.

I'm super excited to see all the new pics!! Shoot tomorrow w/ light experimentation that I've been looking forward to for a while.. I think the weekend is looking up

(jeez what is her name??? I dont' want to put these more up w/out being able to credit her!!!! Ermmm uh Special k's uh... what is this ur third sorta shoot? this shot is by zetsu photography)

We heard no evil, saw no evil, spoke no evil... :)

End Transmission

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