Saturday, April 16, 2011

Free to shoot!!!!

I just got my work days in... I'm free on April 23rd , April 24th, April 26th, April 30th... over the next couple of weeks. If you're interested in shooting feel free to contact me on Model Mayhem or Deviant Art... Twitter and even Tumblr accounts. (though I think the first two work much better.)

Other than that... today's first day of day of work (sorta... more training stuff). It went pretty well. I'm starting 6 days of work in a row. been a long while since I've had to do that. I'm excited (cause I'll actually be in my area getting hands on stuff tomorrow)... but I'm also dead tired from walking and playing DDR haha... such an awesome machine there!

Later on tonight going to a fetish dungeon... that should be cool. (even though I'm not expecting to have any play time though.) Good thing I don't work super early tomorrow... (woot woot sleeping in sorta!!)

Ooooo and yesterday's shoot... hoping to get pics from that soon. Really nice fellow. I'll post a pic up once I receive it.

Since I'm free next Saturday/Sunday perhaps I can visit perversion next week and have a gothling goodwill shopping/sewing day ^_^

(crappy ass webcam  photo... I need a new pocket cam... hopefully I can purchase one for myself, maybe as a birthday gift to me. Forgive the shitty quality and and uh weird make up, often when I go out I ugly,ermmm fy... an already lofty canvas lol)

End Transmission

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