Friday, April 15, 2011

Journey into the wild green bug country

Yesterday's shoot was so much fun!! I like the look of nature but the feel is something I have very mixed feelings about. To be honest the only time I've really spent in it was an SCA trip last May and I was drunk 99% of the entire trip. I also had an electronic bug zapper so that made for more fun that the internet and cable combined (especially when mixed w/ heavy intoxication). I'm not sure how I'd handle a trip now considering I don't intend on drinking again. Guess there's always shrooms lmfao

Any who back to the original rambling. Beautiful scenery but fucking the bugs... my head still feels a bit itchy. I think I'm going to have to give my hair a good washing. It's been a month since I had it officially straightened anyway so no harm no foul I guess lol. It was a good hike though. Fresh air and spending the day w/ my love cracking jokes and being his silly cute self was quite wonderful. I enjoyed the back and forths b/t him and the photog (two weirdos of a similar breed)

It also made me feel a bit better in that I generally have a hard time meeting folks who make me really laugh being comfortable (my brain is always doing shit). It was pointed out to me that when shooting I'm happier, carefree... comfortable. This is generally true. I do enjoy it very much so and become overly talkative and giggly.

I saw ducks, green streams and giant beetles that tried to consume me but I ran... I ran like the bug scare-deee-cat I am... and I live to run another day!!!!

Have another shoot today (I hope it will be half as enjoyable as yesterdays) then it's first official day of working (and to check my days from inside work since it doesn't seem to work from an outside work terminal). Hopefully I'll arrive early enough to where I can do it before hand and nibble on raisins and cereal bars until work time. I wonder where I'm going to be stationed? I hope I work w/ nice folks. I hope the bus isn't late as fuck! I wonder if I got paid today for last week hmmmmmmmm??!!!

I have to remember to ask about a few things this week too... like where jazz is staying. I wasn't able to get her a going away gift... and I was fucking sick during the week so I missed our last chance to hang out (I'm an awful friend) Hopefully I'll have enough money get her birthday time to actually get her a decent present... at the very least a really cool gift cards or something. I hope she arrived safely and is on her way to being relaxed and all that good shit.

Now to pick out attire for this evenings soul capturing experience...

So yeah check out the rest of his work here Shoot w/ him, give him a nice hello and an internet hug... it'll greatly be appreciated. As always you can find me on my here on Modelmayhem, Twitter, Tumblr, and lastly but not least Deviant Art.... OH and Formspring  (I need new questions hehe)

End Transmission

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