Friday, April 22, 2011

So on the Titanic 2

They're just as dumb as the first titanic only not as spiffy looking, on a shitter looking ship... Why did I put this movie on? I knew it was gonna be horrid... lol I'm too tired to get up and turn it off.

At any rate... Hoooooooooray for surviving the work week. Looking forward to shooting tomorrow. Hopefully another shoot w/ Moonstix will be in the works... if not next week the week after (seems like they're not giving me any days that week so it might be the best bet.)

On the way home I was like totally need to go out tonight and dance... now that I'm home and settled I don't feel much like moving so I'll probably enjoy a quiet evening watching awful movies until my bad movie loving heart is content. (oh god how could they repeat the same mistakes of the first titanic? Who directed this?)

uh.... any who... I'm available for shooting April 24th and 26th. (though I'm doubting many folks will want to shoot on Easter... I looked, not much going on lol) Also free May 1st through the 5th (which seems like they're not giving me days this week... I hope they don't pull a shit move and make me work on my birthday though... it's that Saturday. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GET ME STUFF FROM MY GIFT LIST... ok you're probably not gonna do that but at least look at all the weird shit I want. (though I think the stuff from the universal list doesn't show up on my regular list unless I'm looking at it but I'm not 100% sure of that)

Other than that life is going alright. Nicely tired working on my ppl skills lol. I can tell I've grown by thinking of my demeanor from my first job. If I encountered an angry person several years ago I'd be pissed off the rest of the day. It would really get to me even if it was the half ass snooty angry that some folks get but not so much threatening. Now I'm just like meh.... I'm here for x amount of hours and if you wanna be upset you do that but YOU paid to be it seems like a waste of money. Plus ppl piss you off and then don't think about it 2 mins later or are quick to anger w/out really thinking about the situation. I never sweat the tiny inconveniences. Hell now a days I don't even care that much about say someone stands me up or doesn't check in like they used to...  I think of it as... Fuck it... wanna be involved in my life cool, if not more time for me to make some money/rest/spend time w/ folks who wanna be there. No sense in giving a fuck about ppl who don't think about you right? Even if they do if they don't have the nut sackage to show their real feelings. If they're passive aggressive save facers... then they're retarded and no one needs that kind of bullshit as an adult. (if you think this is about you it isn't... just a general feeling though we may have something to talk about if you're feeling that way... so speak up if ya do or remain a bitch... well I don't care but it'd make you less of a lame ass if you say something when things r bothering you, I promise I don't bite... the unwilling ;) )))))

I think I'm at a point w/ friendships to where I'm enjoying not having a shit load of close friends. I'm for sure not ready to handle anyone's baggage but that of my relationship and my own mental problems at the moment. (not to say my relationship has much... it's actually going very well.)

I'm sure before I know it I'll be ready for a friendship, a close one... it'll come w/out much effort as they have in the past... if it doesn't (though I know it will) I'm fine w/ that too... shit has a way of falling into line when it needs to.

O....K I'm done rambling... (sorry about that...) I'm going to get back to resting...

(why is that image there? Just cause I want that outfit but I think the corset is the only thing for sale on that site booooooooooooooooooooooo)

End Transmission

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