Thursday, March 3, 2011

Robert Neil Shoot

Went very well yesterday… it was paid so I’m guessing I NO NO get NO pics from it but at least I have monies to buy a cute gogo (underwear bikini fishnetty goodness) outfit for tomorrows cluster fuck of a gogo audition. I only say this b/c I’ve been getting updates on it via text for the past week or so in an unorganized fashion.

***JAW Shoot Tomorrow (Me dancing badly)
***GOGO Audition @ Arena Nightclub in Hollywood (santa monica blvd) Not counting on getting it but I do enjoy dancing and dressing up and the prospect of free night club entry is all too juicy of a deal for me :)
***Try to find someone to watch Wrestlemania 27 w/

^---copied from tumblr

What else is going on in my life? The day job front is an endless, ummm not really going anywhere battle for now. Many days have become routine. This is what I've wanted for years... a routine of some sort. Pretty calm for the past month or so. Still sober... happy, dorkette like and change hasn't thrown me into open flame. Learning to be whole alone is a good lesson. Learning to integrate well w/ others is a lesson I'll be attempting to learn everyday. I'd like to feel as though every day, every realization gets me an inch closer... but we'll see.

Ummmm my birthing day is in 2 months. I still want to take a trip to vegas and party it up. I'm still unsure of what to do while I'm there. The fact that I haven't been drinking (while this is a great thing) has kinda left me awestruck as to how the whole "partying " thing is gonna work. For a long time I wanted to take advantage of the fact that there's no open container law there. Hmmm I'd say weed but I don't really enjoy smoking/ that's more of a mellow kick back thing anyway. Fuck it I'll just hop myself up on lots of candy so I can stay up late. lol

Aside from that there's still Star Trek things for me to explore and of course I will NEED to play House of the Dead 4 Special again. Such a wonderful godly piece of arcade heaven that I would gladly sacrifice eating and sleeping space to have.

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