Monday, March 7, 2011

Friday's GOGO Auditions

So I made the team!! (for those of you who don't know) I've gone to many gogo auditions and none so far have gone well. I always ask what I can improve on. Generally don't get anything feedback that I can use. Was it me? Do I suck that bad (cause from what I've seen it's not that big of a technical art)? Could it have been my crazy ass hair? Just too damn black and strange looking?

SOOOOOOO I went into this thing Friday at Arena thinking "at least I get a free club night" w/ little to no expectation. I must say the club itself was really huge. The crowd was a good one, very nice people... well behaved and not rude or dramatic. Even the black men were nice (oh there goes my negative views... they were actually very funny and polite.) I felt very comfortable. Like I was just hanging w/ a bunch of smiling happy people.

I admit that as far as mainstream music I'm behind the times. I'll most likely have to listen to more types of electronic/hip hop/rap/pop/mainstream varieties in order to be more used to dancing to it... not taken off guard by it. I made one station on pandora so I don't have to go through the hassle of trying to download everything. Generally I prefer to dance to industrial, even electro and house aren't too bad... hip hop/rap can be a bit slow and boring to dance to. I made a dub step station and I'm gonna look up some vids on how others dance to it to get a better idea of how you're supposed to move to it (plus I like learning new crap)

Guess I'll also need to up my collection of shiney things and glitter and smell good body sprays :D

The thing I'm most looking forward to is making new friends. I had a good time talking w/ most of the girls there. All very bubbly spunky fun loving. One was especially adorable bouncing around everywhere :D

Think we're having a meeting sometime at the end of the month where all the girls are going to meet and such. Should be interesting. Hopefully by then I'll improved a bit stamina wise. (jeez I'll also have to start eating differently. Thinking of cutting out most of the meat from my diet.)

Guess that's all that's going on around these parts... (I tried to search for pics/vids but couldn't find any... if I do I'll be sure to post them up)

(That's not what I wore but I did wear it like two years ago... whatever it's relevant... sorry I don't have a cam anymore I couldn't take any good pictures of anyone )

End Transmission