Friday, March 25, 2011

Name change-- at an un-disclosed date

So I'll be brain storming some possible new names in between working out and uh my stomach turning like it is (fuck it... not so bad that I can't work out, perhaps that might actually help).

If you guys have anything to add that would be super duper!!

Why a name change? I'm not terribly attached to the one I'm using now. I also get what she was sorta trying to say. Miss real blaque jade... I think that this is supposed to be her persona and that I can respect. I just wish she'd simply said that and not crap about the web-site and shit I already knew but hey... what can ya do.

I'll do my best to change whatever names that are possible to change. (certain sites I have no control over what so ever, IE- sites for work content or other folks portfolio's etc.) I've seen other's go through name changing processes for various reasons so it shouldn't be terribly difficult... then again I'm not sure how many of them are on so many sites or how long it was since they changed their names etc.

I've learned a few lessons from this. Don't use personal name even for work purposes. Sometimes the right questions need to be asked...

I hope that after this process is done we can get back to our normal mundane scheduled programming.

Other than the obvious, that I don't particularly enjoy arguing w/ anyone in and of itself... I especially don't like arguing w/ other black women. We have it hard enough as it is. (I don't want to argue w/ women period!) There's enough men who will tear us down for not fitting into that Hallmark image we're all fed. Hell they'll tear you down for fitting into their perfect image in their heads. (oh this topic could be a whole new blog)

Ultimately I would enjoy having more female friends who share at least some of the same morals (or lack there of) but mostly a general understanding of who each person is and an openness that most don't possess or hold in for fear of judgment and persecution.

Alright time to make phone calls and shit

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End Transmisson

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