Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How I spent the weekend

Cuddled up to my crappo laptop enjoying the best (and worst) of the 16 bit era (well mostly 16 bit)

Played a bit of zelda. I got the pendent of courage before shutting it off.

Then onward to street fighter II turbo (no dash or anything special like that) It's unbelievable how hard old fighting games are. How much they do the same special moves over and over (maybe that's b/c they didn't have many to pool from.) All I know is this was about the 3rd uh battle, country whatever and it was a pretty silly fight. I played all of the songs in sound test (cause I'm strange) reminisced about childhood and then moved on.

This game I played in like '95 but couldn't recall what the hell it was until seeing a review on it. (what was it retro gamer, or game room or something I can't quite remember) Still ridiculously hard. Still can't pass the first stage... is there another stage?? I really suck at this game but it's really fun. I'm getting slightly better at it though. I took out 3 bases yesterday before smashing into a barrier and being all pissed off cause I have to start over from the very beginning lol. I enjoy the muffled voice that speaks as you get power ups that I can barely understand. I have no clue what she's saying when you get this sort of barrier shield power-up... but most of the other one's I get. It's kind of one of those things you have to hear for yourself.

Uh... yeah I downloaded this out of morbid curiosity and I really shouldn't have... it's pretty damn aweful but I screen captured for your viewing un-pleasure of a game probably drawn entirely in MS paint by one person... uh good job bro. I did appreciate the creativity in the naming of characters though this was only able to hold my attention for about 2 mins.

**Other games I played but failed to screen capture. Played some Vector Man. I sucked horridly at that... Hmmm something Twins for the Genesis. It had two little plans on the title screen. You can play as one and it has some weird fist punching out of it. Wtf kind of side scrolling plan game has no fucking guns shooting...  it was just really awkward playing it and I'm glad that I've forgotten the name. UH oh Star trek: the next generation (genesis)... which was mildly amusing but I'll need to play it a bit more before I decide whether it's actually good or if it's just me being happy that I can be on the bridge controlling shit. Star Fleet: uh Deck Simulator or some shit like that... That was pretty fun. I may play a bit of it today.

Guess that's all... I should probably play w/ this Dance Central thing considering how expensive it was... and since I'm probably the only one whose actually going to use it... or so it seems.

End Transmission

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  1. UPDATE: So Thunderforce II has 3 bases in the first stage (wonder why I thought I took out 3 last weekend) I finally passed the first stage Died on the second level boss and didn't push A in time to use my continues. Hopefully I'll be on to stage 3 in the next ten years lol