Saturday, March 26, 2011

So I decided on a new name but...

...Model Mayhem says I've run out of name changes. I contacted a mod to see if that helps. If it comes down to deleting my profile... I'm just not going to do that. I'd have to go down to not having hardly any photos (like 5 or 10 or some shit) and I'd start out as a newbie all over again. Not doing that for some one whose only been a nuisance to begin w/. As much as I've started to loathe the name over the past few months... if I can't change it easily and in a free sort of way then it's not happening. (oh prepares for the onslaught of ignorant statements to come. Was nice having a nigga free day while it lasted. ugh, sociopaths)

Self matters before all else... it starts w/ that site since it is the most used for getting gigs... it's the one to link all the others together.

Other than that... I have many things on the way in the mail this week. Wig shampoo's, Detangler, Hori fight stick, Blazblue Continuum Shift, and a gift from probably the only fan I have so at least I got those to look forward to. Job Interview today that I hopefully don't bomb on. A shift back into normal-ness... a start to normal plans.

What I'm not looking forward to today is folks knocking on the door but one in particular who once he realizes I'm awake will start going "uh hey, uh can I uh play a game?" I guess dude but can you like not smell like that when your gonna be in a tiny room w/ someone? I thought I'd enjoy a nice weekend alone (mostly). Don't seem like that'll happen. I know once I leave for my interview he'll be in here, making the room smell like unholy things :-/

Well today is make or break muahahahahem. At least I can probably finish season 6 of star trek TNG sometime this week :) 

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