Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Recent going on's and such

Much of the same, camming, taking photos and dancing around in circles for the amusement of myself. I ordered the xcom remake that came out a few months ago on cyber monday. It should be here sometime on friday. Chances are I'll be out of the house when it arrives but I'm expecting to get some decent playtime by monday. Got things to mail and such. Still dragging my feet through red dead redemption's one player mode and the random pack of dogs that live next door are still making scary noises at about the same time everyday making it impossible for me to sleep through an entire day. Life is pretty good!

I would very much so like to travel up to san fran around my birthday next year. I've never been there and I'm trying to set up a few shoots and some possible travel accomodations/split the costs. If any of you would be interested in that do let me know:)

I've at least heard from a couple of photographers who expressed some interest in shooting. I'll continue to pester folks until something is accomplished. Hopefully I get the hang of this whole "traveling" thing. My last trip was a bit rocky. I got work done but I didn't do any shooting :( So hopefully me announcing this so much in advance will help things go in the right direction.

I'm also selling some old items from old shoots on Ebay. Feel free to check the side panel for what I'm selling currently. I may put some more things up there (though a lot of things I haven't been able to locate cause I've been letting the laundry monster pile up in my closet)

*recent shoots(

Alt Error Messy Body Scapes Group Shoot (if you didn't attend this one do join the meet up group by clicking the link aforementioned so that you might attend another, always reasonably priced unique fun shoots! Models and photographers are welcome to join!)

 By Saltwater Production Company
 by Jon Salisubry w/ model Audrey
 By Grant Palmer

 Late entry to the edit the photo thing I had a month ago... I really like how this was edited... thank you so much mr. Huntli

**Schedule as of today**


30th Marco Patino Shoot @ 1:30pm


1st (work)

2nd Group Shoot (never got details on how to attend, should I get them in time I'll post them)

7th J Sigerson shoot

8th (work)

9th X-mas Group Shoot (details when I have the info)

14th DW Kim shoot

Guess that's about all folks! Cya in the multi-verse!


Britney Siren

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