Monday, November 19, 2012

Photo's from some recent shoots!

Ghoul Girls Shoot

Alt Error Shoot  (2 in 1 cyber clown invasion and birds of paradise shoot)

Photographer Jaw Images


Zelda, Marie Panzer, Anessa Mitchell and myself

Glendale Group Shoot

I don't have a link to the actual group shoot since I was invited sort of last minute but this photo is by Peter Dang

**Schedule Update**


23rd Alt Error Messy Shoot for details about attending or modeling click the link

30th Marco Patino Shoot @ 1:30pm


3rd Group Shoot (details when I get them)

9th X-mas Group Shoot (details when I have the info)

(most weekdays I'm on cam during the daytime on Streamate or Cams feel free to add me on those respective sites for live chatting since they give alerts when I'm on if I'm favorited. If you're new to Cams I believe there is a promotion for free credits when you join which you can use on anyone you please so clickety click click and join why dontcha?)

Also welcome to taking requests for custom videos/pic sets... feel free to message me for details wherever you're seeing this w/ some contact info. If you'd like to shoot feel free to message me as well. Always welcoming paid shoots, trade for zivity or things that have a fun and awesome theme/challenge. Also interested in doing submissions to paid sites/publications and what not.

If you're in another state and are willing to cover travel something can certainly be worked out as well. :)

Other than that... things are going pretty good, Hopefully many fun pics to come soon of my new hair, lots of traveling in the future and lots of fun times to be had. Little time being sick (cause right now my head is being a little odd so I'm going ot have some fruit and see if I feel better in time to enjoy some lovely industrial music tonight :)


Britney Siren


  1. I don 't know if anyone has ever told you this, but you are really pretty. That last shot is a winner. Yowza!

  2. I really like these pictures. Really. The girl in front in the clown pic made me laugh too.

    1. oh yeah the girl in front her name is zelda... she's pretty awesome!!