Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Edit the Photo Challenge

Sorry for being a bit laggy with this... after that some what botched Vegas trip and today having le stuffy head cold (hopefully tea/soup will help my nose) ... I've been feeling rather spent. So if there is one thing I do today I will at least post the results that I've seen so far. It's been a month and three days and I'm really overwhelmed and over joyed at the response that it got. I could make this a monthly thing though I'm not sure that most photographers would be ok with this. Would you all prefer a pro pic or something I've taken myself? I'll get to schedule updates and such in a different post cause my head nose and tummy are pulling me in different directions and I haz lots of linking to do so w/out further ADOOOOOO here's fancy edits from you lovely deviant art people :D

Thank you all so much for your edits and thank you for the original photographer Leonard Thompson for being cool with this being edited

here's the original!!


Britney Siren


  1. I like the one with you in the video game.

    1. I think my favorite is the horse cause that was something I didn't even think of at all... but i do like them all

  2. hey don't need a faked are a rocket yourself, just sitting at the chair or at a the green gras..whatever...!...
    you're looking great and sexy..forget about the camel!..

    1. you're silly but thank you :)

      I appreciate all the pics being made, it's all things that I don't know how to do

    2. call me silly!?....;-(

      doing such stuff is much easier to do, than realizing a good shot and making you smile after watching the same, you know...;-)
      you still can learn it!'s quite easy...but needs a little time....
      see u

    3. :P

      I've tried... I don't enjoy doing it so I'd rather leave it to those who do. I think some things come easy for some and some things are more difficult for others

  3. you're so right!...that's why I prefer standing behind the camera than in front of it...;-)...hehe.....