Thursday, December 6, 2012

existential wastes exists as fodder for the masses

So I put my schedule up top for those who just want to see that... if ya want to read further ramblings feel free to scroll on past that :D

Schedule so far!!


7th J Sigerson shoot

8th (work)

9th X-mas Group Shoot in Orange County ( click there to see all the models attending, more info and to attend as a photographer)

14th DW Kim shoot

15th Rope Bondage Session @ 1pm

22nd PJ Hitman Shoot for Zivity

If you'd like to book something feel free to contact me wherever you see this and we can set something up. Still planning on visiting San Fran for my birthday next year (in May) If you're in that area I'd love to hear from you as well :D

**Recent Life Crapola... **

Now that those things are out of the way... I can say that things are going ok. I'm noticing more of an urge not to respond to anything I disagree with posting wise as many don't have the proper tools for debate. The ability to say your piece, listen to another POV and if the two can't come to a mutual agreement move on in an orderly and peaceful fashion.

I spent a day in my old neighboorhood... walking through the shitty ass baldwin hills mall. I came to the conclusion that people around there still don't smile and are a lot more loud and audible with opinions you didn't ask for. They also stare a lot in a very rude way that I haven't experienced in  5 or 6 months and are kind of off putting. I honestly had forgotten how obnoxious my hair had been until I got to that neighborhood. Then again it seems that no matter what look I have I always managed to get the worst looks from people. Weather I looked far too happy or too sad or walked around with the wrong people.

I managed to shrug it all off pretty well but it lead me to some interesting thoughts. Why do people feel the need to correct others/judge those who aren't in their lives? We all have a pretty small amount of people we deal with on a regular basis who really matter... whether someone dresses in a way that you dislike (w/in the confines of reason, obviously someone with their genitals nearly out in a park full of children is inappropriate but simply disliking how someone matches their colors is silly to yell at them for it)

I thought about how far I've come in not really caring. A younger version of me might've have felt the need to retort back with some sarcastic reply that would've gone over their head. I think I was mostly irritated that someone was yelling things at me while I'm trying to listen to my grandmother say something. It's just a very rude thing to do... otherwise I probably wouldn't have noticed at all.

I do get it that others fixate on other people so that they won't have to deal with inadequacies in themselves... sometimes it's other things. Perhaps this is why I don't really get too upset about most things.

Though I am a bit upset about these st johns wart pills. I feel incredibly sleepy now and my stomach is all out of wack. I told myself I'd stick with it for a bit and see how they do. If it gets too bad I'll have to look into a different supplement perhaps. For now... a long train to sleepy town is where I shall go


Britney Siren

PS: My borderlands 2 Siren is level 50 now muahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

by Rachel Spurr

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