Friday, December 14, 2012

another weekly update!

While I have a bit of time of clarity here's how things are going... First my schedule then some random ramblings for those who enjoy that sort of hub bub!

Schedule as of today 12/14/12


14th DW Kim shoot

15th Rope Bondage Session @ 1pm

22nd PJ Hitman Shoot for Zivity

28th Anthony Randall Shoot


if you'd like to book something let me know!


Other than that things have been going pretty good. I've got my xmas shopping done. If I have a little bit more in the money department I can get some more gifts for people. Things have been selling pretty good on ebay as well. I do sell things really cheap so maybe that's why :D If you'd like to see what I have left feel free to check out the side panel for that.

I've gotten a few xmas gifts already which is already better than last year! Thank you to all of you guys. I really do appreciate all of your kindness :D

I have a few shoots in the works with people leading into next year and a few zivity sets in the works as well. For those who don't know what zivity is, it's a place where members can vote on sets they like and photographers/models can split profit on said sets. I think it's pretty low cost to join and you get so many votes per month. Models and photographers get a free account for life so long as you submit a set and such. There's tons of tools on it that I haven't gotten around to using. Hopefully I'll get to do that soon.

I'm also looking to submit some sets to publications soon so if this is something that you're interested in please don't hesitate to drop me a line or comment where ever you might be viewing this!

I got some random arcade time in after my shoot yesterday as well. I had forgotten how odd people can be. Not to say that I'm the most socially adjusted person on the planet as I'm really not but... it's a special kind of human being that frequents dark arcades lit light strip clubs so that no one may see the scary details of the faces that lay w/in. The girl I met was "nice" I guess but did that weird that folks do sometimes where they spout off about some random shit really quickly with out much of an introduction and then scurry off into the sunset. Before I could ask her name (as she did seem kind of nice) she was outta there w/ a nice tazmanian devil cloud of dust coming up from the ground.

I was also reminded of my refusal to play fighting games online and weird dudes who hang in arcades who talk about you far too loud making it akward for vagina's who just want to go out and play some damn games. "bla bla bla noob, bla bla bla street fighter IV my guile eats babies bla bla bla sailor moon" Surely talking about a woman very loud is an effective mating call, and wearing clothes that are ten sizes too large and at least 5 years old is also flattering.

As much as I have a love for nerds there is this form of dirty smelly nerd that talks too much shit/comes off as a loud obnoxious child that repels me just as much as I'm attracted. Oh well to each his own I guess.

I did get to see a pretty decent street fighter IV match as well which was cool.

I also learned this week (or rather relearned) why I don't wear heels out. It seems that I need to be taught this lesson at least once every 5 months. Dammit to tryin to wear cute shoes and be cute whilst car less. I also don't know shit about regular clubs. I never know where to go when there isn't an industrial club going on. Aside from most places not playing anywhere close to something I want to dance or hear, a lot of them (in hollywood anyway) have those weird lines outside where they don't let people in which I'd just rather not deal with.

So I really should work on saving for a car. I'm very tired of limiting where I go according to transit/not being able to wear skanky outfits because I'm taking a bus full of trannies and hobos and don't want to be accosted. No one should have to make that sacrifice :P

I guess that's about all! I should have my schedule for being online to chat all figured out by Sunday. Should my health cooperate with me it should be a fascinating week!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and have some special times with those you love


Britney Siren

By J Sigurson (not final product, just a proof I got that also explains my feeling about the weekend and fun times to be had... rock out with your genitals inside of your underwear cause it's a dangerous real world out there!)

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