Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weekly RoundUP

I went to Bar Sinister over the weekend. I had a pretty decent time though it does get overly crowded after an hour or so and they've been opening later than I remember. (Most clubs tend to open at 10pm on the dot so opening around 11pm is kinda odd but I guess they have their reasons for that) On the way back got to deal with this lady who managed to be nice about my hair but throw gay insults at some random guy and then being obnoxious the rest of the way home. I'm not sure why I was spared as I'm normally the person who gets the shitty looks from people but... I guess smiles fueled by red bull can protect you sometimes.

As many of you know I do web cam as a means to avoid the trappings of hoboism b/c I would make a very terrible homeless person. I have towed the line in this from random couch hopping's and various floors slept upon and I'd rather not do that again. Plus it gives me opportunities to meet new and exciting people! I would like to mention a rule that goes for all sites. Now I'm sure some women may not follow this rule or bend the rules but under no circumstances will I give out personal information to anyone through these sites. Saying how you're not a stalker will indeed make people believe you are a stalker because I personally never greet people with "HI THERE I"M NOT A STALKER PLEASE BE MY FRIEND PLEEEEEEEEEZE!" Insisting on any sort of credit you haven't earned (and even if you have earned it you should never have to plead or constantly prove your position in someones life) is cause for mistrust and discomfort. If closeness is to develop it shall and if not it won't... Damn I'm rambling again. Anyway here's a pic of this weeks "should have asked me before ya went private because I would've told you I don't do that and chances are I did tell you I don't do that....shit"

Enough of that bibble... I have a couple of shoots up and coming. One with Robert Nelson who I've seen work of randomly and I'm not sure why I didn't bother him earlier. Might be that lazy bug that always engulfs me in the morning noon and evening hours called old age.... I'm glad that we are finally connecting. Another Shoot scheduled with Carnero which will hopefully go swimmingly. A bunch of stuff got jumbled around here and there but here's the official run down of my shooting schedule  as of today.



10th Creator of Light Shoot (tentative) @ noon 

12th Carnero Shoot (tentative) 

14th Robert Nelson Shoot (tentative time) 

26th Alt-Error Group Shoot @ Dystopian Studios.  (details found in that very link, hooray... attend and get weird pictures with fun models. Have a great ol' time) ----> 

27th Glass Slipper Studio Group Shoot (contact for details) or try ( contact info there as well) 

Day of the dead festival @ hollywood forever cemetery (not sure what time this is) 

31st : Hex Hollywood (club event, going to dance my socks off into my brain then ride them back down to my feet again) @ 9pm 


3rd Ghouls' Girls Shoot, Gamer Night 

6th Disneyland (if I've saved enough money to go)


On days not booked I might Cam on various sites... as of now I'm only active on Cams and Streamate... so do add me on those respective sites if you'd like to get alerts of when I'm online.

Last week I had a shoot with Lance Craig Photography. It was pretty rad. He's a pretty funny guy who gets my off beatness which makes for exchanges of wit and sarcasm and jokes of bacon and bunnies. I had my second shoot EVAR with this guy all those years ago (ok not that many years ago, was like 2008) Ironically my hair was red both times which is funny only because I go through so many colors from month to month that it's kind of rare that anyone shoots my hair in the same color unless we shoot super often. So do enjoy this pic from the shoot with boobies a covered because then it's safe for work and no one kills me with offensive boobies. For not so safe for work and later the un boob covered pic... check out my deviant art or follow me on tumblr.

I guess that's about all folks. I'm going to try to get massive amounts of gaming done on this very day and stare at the impending doom that is my laundry that I haven't done in a month which may grow legs telekinesis abilities should I not widdle it down soon.

X wickety O to the X woot O

Britney Siren

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