Tuesday, October 9, 2012

So I made another dancing video out of boredom. For some reason people sort of like these so I guess I can keep making more or release the 50 billion that I have on hard drive that I've been too lame to upload. (lots of video blogs attempting to get over speaking "shyness" which some what worked, sorta...) I guess the problem with some of those is that they're so old that some of my views have changed which makes them invalid and that I'm not mentally built to debate via youtube since people repeat the same thing over and over when you disagree and even if you do agree it can easily become flame war 5000 which I derive 0 pleasure points from none of mine pleasure points.

I'm happy to be done with work early today (after working nearly all day yesterday to some what make my goal)

Going to take it easy and start fresh tomorrow morning...

I'd do a schedule update today I'm feeling semi-lazy and want to  include that in my full round up about the week in repose with more rambling than this post could handle MUAHAHAHA!!

I guess that's about all folks.

If you'd like me to video blog about a particular topic or dance like a weirdo or just wanna say hey feel free to comment or send something via MY YOUTUBE PAGE or wherever I linked this too (I'm a bad spammer... I know)


Britney Siren


  1. Hello,

    I like this video. I used to catch you on kink live & I liked when you would kind of dance around when talking to the members. Anyhoo, I follow you on twitter & you seem like quite the sci fi buff. I never saw Prometheus because I heard it sucked. Is it worth buying the dvd?

    1. I didn't have an issue with the movie... I think you should judge it for yourself. It might be better to wait for it on netflix if you don't want to risk not liking it... or get an amazon instant download since those are usually much cheaper than DVD

      I'm glad that you've followed me for so long and that you liked my video... thanks a billion.